He wears black, has a dry sense of humor, a pale face - and love is such a cheesy thing to him. Thank goodness, his favorite toys are with him... Michael's razor blades!

Trixie in Fairyland is violent musical game! Together with Thomas Kössler (sounds) and Sven Paroth (graphics), we created an outstanding absurdity in under 10 hours overnight at the Dusmania 9 game dev meeting (2007). The game features four boss fights in which you play the role of Trixie the Fairy and Michael the Emo. You'll experience thrilling chant, rythm & dance - and a grand finale, in which you have to pull the trigger all the way to take that Queen of Fairies down!

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  • Contribution: Programming
  • Duration: one long summer night in 2007
  • Requirements: Windows PC, DX 9
  • Technology: Gamestudio A7 Pro
  • Additional work: Sven Paroth (environments, characters) & Thomas Kössler (voices, sounds & music)


  • Fairy shoot'em up & emo lov'em'up
  • Done overnight (less than 12 hours)
  • Features:
    • Four violent fairy fights + le grand final!
    • Musical cutscenes
    • Ingenious voice acting