In The Lotter-Effect, it's up to you to take a run, jump and fly high up into the air. Enjoy crazy animations, collect coins, avoid enemies and, ultimately, get to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Together with Sven Paroth, I developed this amazing little game in less than 12 hours overnight at the Dusmania 10 game developers meeting in Summer 2008. The game was so addictive and well done, that it made the 1st prize in the contest among a dozen of other entries, which all shared the same theme: "rainbows and stuff".

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  • Contribution: Programming
  • Duration: one long summer night in 2008
  • Requirements: Windows PC, DX 9
  • Technology: Gamestudio A7 Pro
  • Additional work: Sven Paroth (graphics, level design)


  • Platform jumping game (like Icy Tower)
  • Done overnight (less than 12 hours)
  • Features:
    • Three difficult stages
    • Birds & asteroids
    • Rainbows, rainbows and rainbows!