Syntax Tree Viewer is a visualization tool for syntax trees in LaTeX-format. These precomputed sentence derivations will be rendered as bunches of syntax trees in a nice & ergonomic interface. The tool is targeted at educational purposes in linguistic courses at schools and universities.

The tool emerged from a students project, in which a PERL based sentence parser has been written, which derived possible sentence structures from English texts using a context-free grammar. Syntax Tree Viewer served as the visualization part of the toolset. The rendering of the tree structures was challenging; it turned out that using a 3D engine was a good choice for speed & interactivity reasons.


  • Type: Viewer application for LaTeX-trees
  • Field: Computational-Linguistics
  • Contribution: Programming & Design
  • Involvement: 12.2008-03.2009
  • Features:
    • 3D acceleration
    • interactive highlighting