SSAO for Gamestudio A7 & A8 is an open source shader solution to approximate ambient occlusion in real-time as a post-processing effect for arbitrary 3D scenes (MIT license). SSAO adds realism to a 3D scene, since it darkens creases, holes and closely aligned surfaces and gives the viewer a higher perception of depth, geometry and curvatures.

It offers a high degree of quality -and- performance: It auto-recognizes surface types and deals with translucent objects; produces a very clean SSAO map without edge-bleeding, works with the Gamestudio particle system, supports GPU-animated characters and ignores decals. It adapts to resolution changes, is customizable and integrates well in forward- and deferred rendering pipelines.

go to product page download V 0.6 (src + demos)


Further development

I have a certain road map in my mind with possible future features. Since I have no current projects which involve SSAO, I can't develop it any further at the moment. But if you need some features or you want to push this forward, I am interested in hearing from you!

I want some new features!

Small donations can keep my motivation high on this, too! ;-)

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