The elves were about to deliver the last gifts to Santa Claus - but they slipped and all toys fell down into the night... now it is up to Rudi, the reindeer, to collect all lost presents to save Christmas! Collect as many gifts as you can - but watch out: like a snake, all collected gifts are added as a sleigh chain - don't cross them, or the toys get damaged! And you make it through, Santa will reward you with some gingerbread cookies!

RUDI is a game for everyone - and open source (GPL)! It is a remake of a prototype I did with the Ruhr-IT-team in 2002. I had only 75 days to work it out until Christmas 2007, so Felix Caffier helped me with the characters. RUDI won the 1st prize in the Conitec Winter contest in 2008.

download game + src (GPL) + workshop (CC)


  • Contribution: Production, programming, environment
  • Duration: 10.-12.2007, released on Christmas Eve
  • Requirements: Windows PC, SM 2.0, DX 9
  • Technology: Gamestudio A7 Pro
  • Additional work: Felix Caffier (characters)


  • Snake-like Christmas game
  • Singleplayer
  • Language: English
  • Features:
    • Challenging North-pole level
    • DIY workshop for the A7 game engine
    • Ekimos, penguins, sea gulls and many more!

HD / full AA-game production

Although the game was a success with regard to the remake of the first prototype, it still counts as a prototype, because the game features only one level (the Northpole). I would be interested into re-re-making it, but this time with state-of-the art AA-graphics, a cuter and friendlier gameplay and more levels - and cross-platform.

I'm interested!