Monster aren't dangerous - they are just misunderstood. And what do an artificial creature, a scarecrow and a vampire have in common?

Exactly, nothing! In Monster Mega Mayhem you control either Jack the scarecrow, Kevin the creature or Lucy the vampire. Slaughter through more than 30 stages. You have to kill people, scare kids, collect points & witness strange events. Each monster has its own level, special moves and bonus objects. This is pure and mindless fun!

I joined IceValk Entertainment in in August 2007, to take the source of this vaporware project and simply finish it - so that it was ready to ship on Halloween the same year. That's it.

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  • Client: IceValk Entertainment (unpaid)
  • Contribution: Final production, cutscenes and bugfixing
  • Involvement: 08.-10.2007, release: Halloween 2007
  • Requirements: Windows PC, DX 9
  • Technology: Gamestudio A7 Pro


  • Hack'n'slash Halloween brawler
  • Reanimated vaporware project
  • Features:
    • 30+ stages
    • 3 monsters
    • Strange story