In Fire Flight you fly through a valley full of trees, a dark & mysterious cave and a dangerous volcanic landscape - always illuminating the dark and on the lookout for those little mini fireflies.

If you have connected a HeartLive-sensor to your PC, then your heart coherence will be measured and visualized. If your heart is calm and relaxed, then the firefly's aura will be bright & green and you can see a lot of your surroundings - but only in case your heart is able to adjust well to stressful situations. If it can't, your heart coherence drops, the aura turns red and you can see less of your environment. The influence of your vital signs to the game is also called "biofeedback".

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  • 3D sidescrolling arcade game
  • Biofeedback
  • Languages: Dutch & English
  • Features:
    • Three stages (valley, cave, lava)
    • Infinite & randomized scenes
    • Highscore

Non-Biofeedback version

I have the right to alter the game for non-biofeedback gaming and sell the non-biofeedback game version worldwide. If you are interested in an investment for such a production, please contact me.

I'm interested!